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Webseiten aus Leipzig -
Webseiten aus Leipzig -

Creation of your website

I create your professional website for your Internet presence. This is optimized for mobile devices. I can enter the images you provide and adapt them to the design of the site. If necessary, I can also take care of inexpensive hosting for your new site.

Webseiten aus Leipzig -

Briefing in Wordpress

WordPress is very intuitive to use. If you wish, I can give you a briefing on the content management system (CMS) with a few tips. You can use it to expand your new website independently. But I can also do that for you.

Webseiten aus Leipzig -

Search engine optimisation

You can request search engine optimisation (SEO) so that your new website can be found more easily by search engines on the Internet. In addition, I will create a meaningful description for Google, Bing and Co for each of your subpages.

I will find the right solution for your web presence.
Contact me for an individual offer.

Webseiten aus Leipzig -

Peter Abend​

Web designer


With a market share of almost 60 percent, WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Whether blog, portfolio or just an aesthetic website. WordPress offers a suitable solution for every taste. The design possibilities with templates for websites (templates) and suitable extensions (plugins) are almost endless with WordPress. By choosing WordPress, you are opting for a contemporary website.

Variety of design

I mainly use the ASTRA template for my websites. It is incredibly fast in loading webpages compared to other templates. What is special, however, is the endless adaptability to all possible personal requirements. It is not without reason that it is probably the most frequently installed template in WordPress installations.

Structure of a website
The classic design rule “form follows function” also applies to web design. Every element of a website should be designed in such a way that it not only appeals to the eye, but also optimally fulfills its function.
A good web design is more than just decor. Good web design is a crucial success factor for the operator of a website.

Simplicity and lightness are essential in modern web design. A clear structure and tidy design help users find what they are looking for quickly and contact you directly. Sometimes redesigning an old website doesn't come as a surprise.

Webseiten aus Leipzig -

The header of the website usually contains the logo, the navigation for the website and a header image or slider.


The main information is located in the middle of the start page, mostly in the form of various texts or teaser boxes.

The footer usually differs in color from the rest of the page. It represents the end of the website. There are often links to social media here, but also information on contact, data protection and imprint.
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